Annie Lees-Jones is a British Actress, Creative Writer, been known to fall 40ft and is equally skilled with a rubber chicken or rapier! She recently worked with the RSC as the Comedia, Movement & Stunt Director. She graduated from Masters Performing Arts College originally as a dancer, a somewhat different career path to her childhood aspirations to grow up to be an FBI Agent. At the age of 13, Annie was the youngest performer to appear in a professional production of Calamity Jane leading to a career in theatre. Her dance background took a whole new leap into action and stunt training with a passion for fight performance & choreography and appeared as the lead stunt actress in Bregenz, Austria at the world's biggest open air opera quickly becoming known as the Lady of the Lake by treading water for over 26 minutes every performance finishing with a final high fall through a water curtain. She left dance college and trained with Youngblood, a fighting school specializing in advance performance fighting and went on to work as an action actress in the industry but her love of comedy and natural flair couldn't hide behind boxing gloves and with a love of physical comedy, quirky sense of humour & creative nature she went on to be nominated best comedy actress in a production of Shakers along with touring the UK & Europe in Shakespeare & Comedy Productions such as Much Ado About Nothing as Beatrice, Romeo & Juliet in the wonderful role of the Nurse, The Tempest on Fire, a spectacular fire show performing as Ariel on a trapeze rig, the world premiere of Mandrake as the loyal servant Siro to outstanding reviews and the delightful farce Touch & Go as Jessica. Annie also travelled round the world as a backpacker for over two years exploring different countries experiencing cultures and near death escapades!

Her first TV appearance was a small role in The State We're In (BBC) and later the leads pro wrestling mum Mother Load in the ITV children's series My Phone Genie. She went on to feature in the ensemble cast of dark comedy The Grandison's and children's adventure Its All About The Manners and in 2016 appeared as Auntie Bola in the sitcom The T-Boy Show later playing the lead in Tough Crowd as the funeral comedian Felix Follitt.


She continues to write and acting is more than a job, its a passion, a hobby, her life... oh yes, as well as being a ninja mum to Florence Emily.


Lets Do It: Comedy Preggers